Smart Family Vacations


Great tips for safe, fun family vacations (that won't break the bank)

You do your best to plan smart family vacations. But what about the worries and extra costs that creep into our vacation plans? - Accommodation fees, the stress of packing, eating healthy, flying with young children, or lost luggage.

My husband and I are frugal when it comes to traveling with our three children. We look for opportunities to get the most out of what a location offers while budgeting for meals, accommodations, extra costs and a few special adventures along the way.

We've camped in tents, pop-up trailers and sailboats. We've sprawled out on hostel floors and experienced wonderful home exchanges and timeshares.

Each destination and accommodation has given our family unique and fulfilling experiences. We've saved and we've splurged. We've lost luggage and found some treasures too. We've learned a lot from our mistakes and misadventures. And I believe we’ve become smarter at planning our vacations.

Save money and still have fun

There are so many vacation possibilities geared to families: Camping, home exchanges, cottages, backpacking, canoe trips, resorts, family adventures and spontaneous road trips. It's often difficult to know what to do, especially when overwhelmed with internet advice and choices.


Whatever you and your family decide, you can make it a Smart Family Vacation through smart spending, staying safe and satisfying activities. Smart Spending: Find ways to reduce your vacation expenses (accommodations, rentals, fees) and save money.

  • Staying Safe: Your family's safety is important. Keeping active and eating healthy on the go are a bonus.
  • Satisfying Fun: You want your family to be open-minded, to enjoy themselves and explore new surroundings. Learning about different cultures and the value of currency is important to you.

It's a relief when you discover the best location, ticket price, accommodation and rental cars to suit your family's needs. Now it's time to enjoy your vacation and continue to cut costs.

Smart Family Vacations offers money-saving strategies, vacation ideas, safety tips and activities to keep your family happy and safe without breaking the bank.

Be frugal, have fun and enjoy fabulous Smart Family Vacations

Exploring a new beach is fun and free.

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Table of Contents - Family Vacation Tips

Family Vacation Ideas
Smart, affordable family vacation ideas.
Best Christmas Vacations
Ideas for the best Christmas vacations
Camping with Kids
Camping with kids is fun. Tips for what to bring as well as making tasty campfire treats.
Family Adventure Vacations
Enjoy great family adventure vacations
Kids at the Beach
Plan a fun-filled day for kids at the beach with beach games, beach crafts and even a beach party.
Worry Free Vacations
Plan worry free vacations for your family and put your mind at ease. Tips for healthy eating, vacations safety tips, airport screening, flying with children and handy travel apps.
Travel on a Budget
Find ways to reduce your vacation costs and travel on a budget.
Packing Luggage
Tips for packing luggage for your next family vacation.
Free Things to Do on Vacation
The free things to do on vacation are often the most satisfying.
Road Trip Games
Road trip games to keep your kids busy on your next family vacation.
Travel Gift Ideas
Great travel gift ideas and keepsakes to make on family vacations
Vacation Travel Websites
Vacation travel websites to help with your family vacation planning
Privacy Policy
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kids travel games
Being prepared with kids travel games can keep your kids entertained while traveling.

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